Sworn Translators in Spain

    • Alfonso is a Sworn Translator, certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate official documents. He has a degree in Translation and Interpreting, in which he specialised in legal translation and interpreting. He is an experienced in-court Interpreter and is used to tight deadlines. He can also get documents officially translated from - and into - French, Dutch and German.
      Testimonials for Alfonso
      • Amy Satchell
        Amy Satchell , Barcelona

        Amazing service and communication. I needed a document translating from English to Spanish urgently so I contacted Alfonso and he started work on it straight away, it was in the post and delivered to me in Barcelona first thing the next morning as promised.

        Can’t thank you enough! I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

        Mar 20, 2020
      • Jonathan Ruwuya
        Jonathan Ruwuya, Barcelona

        Alfonso was quick to respond, with a call, to my request. He understood my request and advised on issues that required clarification.

        The value for the service was more affordable in comparison to other translators. I am very happy with how he professionally handled the job and how one can easily approach him.

        I am highly satisfied with the service.

        Feb 24, 2020
      • Mark McCreary
        Mark McCreary, Estepona

        Alfonso.asked for the work to be sent to him and then he gave me a reasonable quote. He completed the project in two days, me having the originals in hand a day later. I have already recommended his services to two others.

        Feb 19, 2020
      • Craig Krom
        Craig Krom, Barcelona

        Response to my quote was quick and efficient, Alfonso was a great help! Highly recommend.

        Sep 28, 2019
      • David Andrews
        David Andrews, Jaca

        Very professional, good understanding of the requirement related to the documents, work returned within agreed time frame. Will use in the future. Excellent!

        Aug 29, 2019
      • Susan Price
        Susan Price, Torre del Mar

        Alfonso was really helpful with the translation of my document.

        He provided a very quick, efficient service and when the courier couldn't find my campo house Alfonso phoned me and he arranged for my delivery to be sent to the village bar for collection. Perfect!

        I can definitely recommend Alfonso, thank you so much.

        Susan Price

        Apr 26, 2019
      • John Buckley
        John Buckley, Los Alcázares

        A pleasure to deal with, could not have been better....

        Apr 02, 2019
      • Peter Charles Robinson
        Peter Charles Robinson, Benidorm

        Friendly human efficiency

        Feb 22, 2019
      • Brian Abram
        Brian Abram, Totana

        Excellent service around super quick and a good price: 5*.

        Oct 13, 2018
      • Daniel Elias
        Daniel Elias, New York

        Excellent service, delivered exactly as promised, and at half the cost a different translator had requested for the same project!

        Sep 18, 2018
      • Albert Roldan
        Albert Roldan, France

        Alfonso was extremely helpful, particularly since we requested a quick turnaround for the 18 documents needing to be translated from English and French to Spanish.

        He was fluent in our phone conversations and email correspondence, he never misunderstood what our requirements were. He was was clear in explaining how this process works and what the price included.

        I would highly recommend him to anyone needing these services.

        Sep 04, 2018
      • Robert Brownlee
        Robert Brownlee, Almeria, Spain

        Everything was as it should be: excellent.

        Had to pay by bank transfer and maybe would have liked another means of paying.

        Aug 08, 2018

Why translation?

Documents that originate from outside of Spain will need to be translated into Spanish for many different legal and administrative processes before they can be used by local authorities here.

For formal processes, you will need a Sworn or Official Translator in Spain to translate and affix their stamp to the document. An Official Translator is approved by the Spanish Ministry of Justice as having the skill to carry-out this process for any legal proceedings as well as any other process that requires a Sworn Translator.

Examples of documents you are likely to need to get translated include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Financial Accounts
  • Academic Qualifications,
  • Deed Poll Name Change
  • Company documents (e.g. Articles of Association)
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

Processes that May Require Translation of Documents

The list is in fact potentially endless and will depend on the particular process that you need to complete in Spain. Below you will find a list of processes and the documents you may need to have translated into Spanish.


For inheritance proceedings it can often be necessary to arrange for translation of an official death certificate if death occurred outside of Spain, unless an International Death Certificate has been issued. Also, if only a non-Spanish Will is in existence, this may well need to be translated also.

Divorce Proceedings

If a couple were married in the UK or other non-Spanish speaking jurisdiction, and they have children born there, it will be necessary to have the marriage certificate as well as the birth certificates of any children born outside Spain translated. Furthermore, any other documentation relating to assets abroad may need to be translated.

Property Purchase

If a mortgage is required in Spain, it may well be necessary to justify your income, and should you be self-employed/business owner, then it may be necessary to have previous year's financial accounts translated to Spanish so that the bank may approve an application.


Health insurance covering the duration of your stay in Spain is necessary. The terms and conditions of such insurance are may need to be translated. Also, any economic means (pensions or any other income) by which you might prove that you can afford to stay in the country, will need to be translated.

Enforcement of a foreign Court Order or Judgment

Depending on the nature of the Court Order or Judgment that you have obtained in a foreign country, in order to have it enforced in Spain you may be required to follow the legal proceedings of 'Exequatur' which will require you to produce a translation of the original Court decision, carried-out by a Sworn or Official translator.

Languages We Deal With

Our team of official translators are able to deal with many languages, though most popular would be English, German, French, Dutch and Russian.

Next-Day Service

Translations of documents will be returned the next working day, as long as the documents are sent before 2pm.


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